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Insulation Technology Group

Insulation Technology Group is an experienced international holding company operating in the market segments of manufacturing HV and MV electrical porcelain insulators.

The corporation includes two major global brands LAPP Insulators and PPC Insulators, produced in 7 manufacturing plants in Europe and North and South America.

Our focus on the customer´s goals and the ability to provide both tailor-made insulation solutions and standardized ones, with our engineering and technical support, makes us the preferred choice when utilities, distributors, and contractors want to have a reliable insulator partner.

Sustainability is one of our key values that drives the design of our products, manufacturing, and full supply chain processes.

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INSULATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP - manufacture HV and MV electrical porcelain insulators
insulationtg Sustainability - Porcelain insulators

Environmental responsibility

ITG aimes to be a forerunner in the circular economy with recyclable products and sustainable manufacturing.

Porcelain insulators are a very green option.

They are produced from the green and natural local raw materials.

They have a very long lifetime.

They are produced with 100% recyclability with low carbon  footprint and without hazards after the end of life.


In case of any questions or incentives regarding compliance, please contact us at the following email address compliance@insulationtg.com or send us your message via the contact form.

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